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Dog-walking, in India, is a sphere that until now has primarily been dominated by local maids, domestic help, and security guards. But, as pet-parents ourselves in the Collrs house, we believe that each dog-walker MUST understand dogs' behavior & their needs, while interacting with furry beings with unfaltering patience.

Explore all the pawsomeness that Collrs has to offer.


No Haggle, No Hassle

No one likes the often-messy conversations about timing, punctuality, and costs. We want you to have a smooth, hassle-free experience with your dog-walker. Hence, we take care of all the tiresome arrangements, so you can have more time to make your doge a ravishing Instagram feed.

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Dog Lovers as Dog Walkers

Collrs Dog-walkers are educated professionals who understand and love animals, and have been or currently are pet-parents themselves. They have been hand-picked to walk your pooch and assist you through your busy schedules, while also doing something they truly love.


The Gift of Time

If you're a busy pet-parent or are simply unable to take your dog(s) on a playful walk everyday, breathe easy. Collrs Dog-walkers are ardent animal lovers who will be your Doggo's friend whenever you can't be there. So hold on to those warm puppy snuggles, while we get your doge walked and exercised.


Trusted Dog-walkers

Your Collrs Dog-walker could be a fellow pet-parent or even a neighbor! Collrs' application review process only approves fewer than 30% of applicants to get verified and listed as dog-walkers. This ensures that each Collrs Dog-walker is a doting animal lover with years of pet-handling experience, so you can rest assured that your pet will be deeply cared for, even in your absence.


Background Verification

Collrs puts each dog-walker applicant through a stiff selection process which includes screening interviews, detailed discussions about their experience handling pets, and a background verification. Collrs upholds each pet's safety and well-being above everything else, and enables you to enjoy unhindered and peaceful assistance with raising your pet.


Meet & Greet

We understand your wish to meet your allocated Collrs Dog-walker before the walk-sessions commence. Collrs enables you to have a Meet & Greet session. Use this hour to get to know your dog-walker and introduce her/him to your doggo.

Here's How Collrs Works